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Take part!

Help us to show green energy works by taking part in our campaign. There are lots of things you can do, from the personal to the political.

Help us ask for more

Persuade and inform on future energy policy

Make your views known

Take action at home

Help us ask for more

We aim to prove that the people of the UK want more investment in green energy.

Taking part in existing schemes to promote renewables need not be just a goodwill gesture.

If enough of us join in, we can 'beat the system' and send a powerful political message that can't be ignored.

Ask for more by signing up for green electricity

A 'critical mass' of subscribers to renewable electricity tariffs is needed and we want you to help this crucial point to be reached.

The truth is that hardly any new investment in renewable technology currently results from the thousands of people signed up to green electricity tariffs.

We want 2 million households and businesses signed up to green electricity - not so they can feel good about themselves, but to send a strong message to Tony Blair that we want our money invested in green energy not nuclear power.

Find out more about green electricity tariffs

Tell your friends to ask for more

There are already around 150,000 households signed up to green energy.

This means that, if every household already on green energy persuaded just 12 others to join them, we would make our target easily.

Tell your boss to ask for more

You can also help the campaign by asking your workplace to sign up to green energy.

Even if you work for a big company, send a friendly letter to the head of your company setting out what a great move this would be for the business.

If the electricity is generated from new renewables the company won't have to pay the Climate Change Levy, which will save money. Of course it is also a great PR boost.

Tell your boss how simple energy-saving measures, such as turning off computers and lights at night can help save even more money, and how the company could also qualify for a grant to help generate its own electricity.

Ask for more by applying for a green energy grant

The government has a small scheme, which we want to be used up as quickly as possible. Your local authority may also be able to provide some help. Get your own green energy and show politicians there is stong demand, so they will fund these schemes better in future.

Find out more about green energy grants

Persuade and inform on future energy policy

Politicians are elected to represent your views. Write, email or visit your MP or councillor and ask them to support green energy.

Ask your MP to vote in favour of bills in Parliament supporting energy saving and renewable energy investment, and to commit to voting against new nuclear power stations.

Ask your local council to make green energy a priority.

Bring your local community together to discuss how to beat climate change and ensure the lights stay on by organising a public meeting, or find out if your local Green Party is already organising one.

Make your views known

Contribute to polls, web discussions and phone-ins being conducted on this issue.

Current opportunities

Coming soon...

Take action at home

Save the energy!

Simple energy-saving solutions can make a huge difference to your bills, and help the UK to reduce carbon emissions. All these ideas are free to implement and will save you money too.

  • Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree and save up to 10% on your heating bill
  • Close your curtains when it goes dark to reduce heat-loss through windows.
  • Always turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Don't pour energy down the drain by leaving appliances on standby. Turn them off at the switch instead.
  • Don't leave the fridge door open for long and never put warm food in the fridge.
  • Always wash a full load in your washing machine and use the economy programme if you have one. 
  • When cooking, choose the right size pan for the food and ring. keeping lids on while heating food. 
  • Only boil the right amount of water for your current use in your kettle. 
  • Turn taps off properly, as dripping taps waste energy as well as water.
  • Shower instead of having a bath. This can reduce the amount of water that needs to be heated by 40%.

Sign up to a green energy tariff

Help us reach our target of 2 million households and businesses signed up to green energy, and show the Government that we want more investment in renewables now.

Green electricity


Get help to install your own electricity generation

Find out more about Government grants to help you get home micro-generation from renewable sources. We want these grants over-subsctibed in such numbers that they have to be re-funded again and again.

Grant schemes

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Renewables tariffs need a critical mass of subscribers before they will lead to new investment


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Tell your friends about green energy and help us reach our target


Grants are available from the government and local councils


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Write to your MP today


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energy saving lightbulb
Long-lasting, energy-saving bulbs can save you £78 each during their lifetime in electricity bills and replacements


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Better insulated windows


light switch
Don't leave the lights on when you leave the room


Bush on the TV..switch it off!
Turn off the TV at the switch, not with the remote control


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