Why should I make changes in my lifestyle?


Can we change in the UK?

Because in the last fifty years, humans have caused more pollution and used up more natural resources than in all previous history. This hasn't been caused by all countries equally but is mostly down to Western society – the average UK citizen uses thirty-five times as much energy as the average Indian citizen.

Quite simply, the Earth can't continue to support our present lifestyles, and if we don't choose to consume in a more sustainable way today, the next generations will have sustainable consumption levels forced on them. Change is going to come eventually, whether we want it to or not.

This might sound like doom mongering, but the facts speak for themselves. Anyway, as the rest of this website shows, there is lots we can do to make those little changes which add up to a big difference. It needn't mean having to go without, or having to make do with a worse quality of life.

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