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Join the big BBC climate experiment

As part of an attempt to raise awareness of climate change, the Green Party asks that you consider taking part in the world's largest ever climate prediction experiment.

A huge number of factors affect how much energy the Earth reflects and absorbs, and when feedback mechanisms are taken into account, predicting climate change becomes incredibly complex.

The BBC, working with Oxford University, hopes to enlist over 10,000 computer users in order to simulate thousands of climate change scenarios.

The experiment uses a computer model to try to calculate what the climate will be like in the future, but because small changes to the model have large effects on the predictions, running many variants of the model is necessary.

Taking part involves installing and running a program, which operates in the background, making the most of the processing potential of your computer.

It will not affect your normal usage and you can monitor a visual representation of your individual model. Computers at Green Party head office are running the program, with no usage problems - just more interesting screensavers.

The Green Party hopes a demonstrably large number of volunteers will take part and join the Green Party's team of members' computers running the program all over the UK.

If you decide to take part, after installing the program please visit and register to join the Green Party team.

Sign up at:


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