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More roads, more aviation, more carbon emissions
Government transport plans irresponsible and short sighted.


Windfarm - offshore

Leaked documents expose Labour's broken promises on climate change
The Green Party today responded to news of Labour's plans to abandon their renewables targets.



Greens call for an end to Biofuels
EU must abandon proposed biofuel targets and incentives legislation


Lucas questions grey parties' commitment to tackling climate change
'We can't cut emissions by tinkering around the edges'


Greens decry lack of Government action on climate change
Scotland could be the Saudi Arabia of renewables.



Can a boom town be Green?
Siân Berry speaks at Tate Modern in a debate organised by the Architecture Foundation.


Nodding Donkey

Green MEP lambasts sponsor at climate conference
Climate change a security issue - not just environmental


Siân mayoral launch

Renewable Grants for households: farce continues as grants are curbed
"Eco businesses deserve better than this,"- Sian Berry.

Windfarm - offshore Government is failing not helping renewables
Sian Berry: "The Government can talk about climate change as much as they want, but here we have real people trying to take real action to curb our emissions, and the government is failing them."

SCOTTISH GREENS ELECTION: low carbon economy central to Green manifesto - Labour and Lib Dem Executive humiliated by climate change report

This Scottish Executive has stifled innovation, and provided only limited and intermittent support for green technologies.

Nuclear Hazard

EU must reject nuclear power in energy targets
'EU must not be distracted by low-carbon red herring', says Caroline Lucas MEP.

Nuclear Hazard

Green Euro-MPs demand Chernobyl answers


Windfarm - offshore

Wind Power Myths Dismissed by New Report
Report also highlights government failure to support offshore wind power

Big Ben

Keith Taylor speaks out on grey party hypocrisy
Principal Speaker rejects government rhetoric in storming speech to Green Party Conference

Nuclear Hazard

Government advisors reject nuclear power
Report: Nukes won't solve climate change or energy insecurity
6th Mar 2006

Windfarm - offshore

Major setback for UK wind power
Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks and Rural Affairs Minister Jim Knight refuse permission for a wind farm on common land near Whinash, Cumbria.
6th Mar 2006

Miliband contemplates personal carbon trading
Does the left hand know what the right is doing?


Atomic Tony announces step back in time for UK energy policy
Decision will 'catapult UK energy policy back forty years'

Energy Review: Accusations of 'rubber stamping' are today wholly justified
Private funding of nuclear power a 'sham and a fudge'

We need to move away from fossil fuels- Caroline Lucas
Real energy security means ditching oil and nukes, says MEP ahead of G8 Summit

Survey shows 87% of people opposed to new nuclear
A survey carried out by the Green Party shows overwhelming opposition to Government nuclear plans

Safe, cheap, carbon free renewables - not nuclear
Emerging consensus between nuclear lobby and government criticised

Blair must recognise the folly of following the nuclear power route
'Nuclear is an inherently unsafe technology'- Keith Taylor

Green Party Energy Spokesperson Tom Tibbits today labeled Blair a dinosaur for his belief in pariah nuclear power
Calling nuclear power the answer demonstrates backward looking, poor political leadership

Green MEP Calls For Sustainable Development Not Nuclear Weapons
"The effects of a world free of nuclear weapons and the social benefits cannot be underestimated"

Darling follows the 'FUD' rule for Nuclear
Labour seek enough Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt so as to end open and honest debate

Vampire electronics - bleeding too much energy
Americans slay 'vampire' electronic devices that continue to suck energy even when they aren't in use

MEP backs Milton Keynes wind farm plan
Green Party Euro-MP visits site of proposed wind farm

Blair's Nuclear Embrace Condemned by Greens
Last mistake of a failing Prime Minister

'Learn from the mistakes of Chernobyl and end nuclear' demands Euro MP
20 years on from the world's worst nuclear accident Green Euro MP Jean Lambert, has remembered those that lost their lives and warned that a nuclear future in the UK is too dangerous and simply cannot be justified

Green Euro-MPs demand Chernobyl answers
"We'll never know exactly how many died in the disaster"

Wind Power Myths Dismissed by New Report
Report also highlights government failure to support offshore wind power

£70 billion bill for Nuclear Clean Up
Building more nuclear stations will be financial madness

Green PartyGovernment Sleepwalking into Climate Disaster
Green MEP condemns review of failed Climate Change policy

Green PartyRenewables vital for Green energy policy
Developing renewable energy with no fuel costs offers UK protection against economic havoc high and volatile energy prices can wreak


Green PartyAppalling Lib Dem Record on Green Issues
Lib Dem "Green" Record is Appalling and Their Promises are Empty


Green PartyBudget failure on climate
Lucas: Brown trying to put out forest fire with bucket of water

Green PartyGreen response to budget
"Brown is mortgaging our future with business-friendly budget"


Green PartyCaroline Lucas MEP urges Greens to take forward 'positive inspiring vision of a future of hope'
Low-carbon future doesn't have to mean a drop in well-being and happiness


Green PartyConservative backbenchers try to wreck climate change Bill
Greens criticize Tory sabotage of Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill


Green PartyGovernment advisors reject nuclear power
Report: Nukes won't solve climate change or energy insecurity


Green PartyMajor setback for UK wind power
Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks and Rural Affairs Minister Jim Knight refuse permission for a wind farm on common land near Whinash, Cumbria.


Green PartyGreens to launch Alternative Energy Report
New research shows nuclear is inferior choice

Green PartyGuardian poll reveals Britons are ready for green taxes
What, now, is stopping the government?

Green PartyGreen City Budget Success
Oxford's Green councillors secure £1 million for environmental and social initiatives


Green PartyGreenland's ice cap confirms the need to act now
Satellite study shows melting has doubled in last five years

Green PartyEU admits having no plan for 'peak oil' crisis
Commission shrugs off looming oil shortage as 'just a theory'

Green PartyGreens hail 'Green Living Initiative' report from the Green Alliance
Government should play a larger role in "greening our lives"


Green PartyNuclear energy won't solve climate crisis, warns MEP
Euro-MP addresses meeting on nuclear power and climate change

Green PartyJoin the big BBC climate experiment
Sign up to the Green Party's team and take part in the world's largest ever climate prediction experiment.


Green PartyBritain should follow Sweden, not the US
Sweden plans to become first oil free economy



drumToxic waste problem "not solved"
Government committee's damning report
27th Jan 2006

radiation hazardGovernment 'bypassing democratic debate on nuclear power'
News that the HSE are to assess 'pre-licensing' for nuclear power stations condemned
23rd Jan 2006


reactorGreens concerned at biased portrayal of nuclear issue
Mainstream media focuses on minor statistic in opinion poll
19th Jan 2006


wind farmCampaign Launch: Green Energy Works
Greens ask for more from energy review
19th Jan 2006

Real Progress Greens dismiss Tory eco-stunt
Green Energy Works Campaign will provide "genuine opportunity" to engage the public
18 January 2006

Mushroom cloudBuncefield Depot explosions: Imagine if this had been nuclear?
Environmental impact may be of catastrophic proportions
12th Dec 2005


radiation hazardGreen Party protests nuclear power proposals
Tony Blair gives speech to CBI launching review of UK energy policy
29th Nov 2005

nuclear reactor

Tony Blair has fallen for the 'false solution'
Nuclear power is unsafe, uneconomic and unsustainable - Keith Taylor
29th Nov 2005

real progress

Kirklees leading the field on renewable energy
Green Councillor establishes standards for new public buildings
25th Nov 2005


radiation hazard

Nuclear power option "deplorable"
A "dirty and dangerous" energy source
22nd Nov 2005

solar panel

Euro-MP calls for a micro-turbine on every roof
MEP addresses South East renewable energy conference in Kent
11th Nov 2005

Big Ben

Parliament puts on less than stellar performance on sustainable stage
"How Green is Your Parliament?" report fails to give green light
7th Nov 2005

wind farm

New renewables fund highlights government's lack of vision
Keith Taylor says fund is "woefully small"
3rd Nov 2005

solar panel

Greens promote renewable technology as part of Energy Savings Week
Nuclear power versus renewable energy: a fair fight?
24th Oct 2005


radiation hazardNuclear power won't solve emissions problems
Major culture change needed to 'keep the lights on' say Greens
10th Oct 2005

wind farm

Greens support clean energy companies
EU directive forces energy companies to reveal pollution levels
5th Oct 2005


Greens call on Blair to clarify climate change position
Calls for clarification after comments from Blair indicate a shift in policy position
26th Sep 2005

mineGreens decry Gordon Brown
Request for more oil "dangerously short sighted"
13th Sep 2005

field and sky

Greens promote low carbon future
The Green Party conference today held a panel entitled "Green Energy Futures" to discuss the future of energy production in the UK
9th Sep 2005


Kid with balloonOsama, nuclear waste and Big BenClimate march placardNuclear security costsJean and Keith at climate marchNuke off dogBlair calling for wind...that'll be the day!

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