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Persuade and inform on future energy policy

Politicians are elected to represent your views. Write, email or visit your MP or councillor and ask them to support green energy.

Get in touch with your MP

Write to your MP and tell them how important the issues of climate change and support for green energy are to you.

Ask them to:

  • Support Bills in Parliament that support green energy and energy-saving
  • Sign up to Early Day Motions supporting green energy
  • Assure you they will vote against new nuclear power stations if a vote is held.

Get your local Council to make green energy a priority

Ask them to sign up to green electricity

Several local councils, including Gloucestershire, Bristol and Plymouth, have already signed up to buy at least part of the electricity used in public buildings from green energy suppliers.

Green electricity has numerous benefits for your local council:

  • helping them meet environmental targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from council owned properties
  • demonstrating they are committed to sustainability and tackling climate change
  • being on green electricity means the Council can avoid having to pay the Climate Change Levy.

Write to your local councillor and the leader of your council to ask them to follow the lead of progressive councils across the country.

You can find details of how to contact the leader of your council on your local authority's website.

More about local authorities and green energy (external link - pdf)


Influence Council strategies and your local planning system

Every local planning authority (borough council, city council etc) has to produce a Local Development Framework (LDF) setting out the Council's core strategies for development.

All councils must consult the public on these plans and this is a great opportunity to build policies for green energy into the local planning process.

Find out whether your council is consulting now from their website: A-Z of local councils

You can also contact your local Green Party to find out more about what is happening in your local area. There are Green Party councillors in many local authorities already.

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