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Find out lots more about the Green Party, energy saving and renewable energy, review the evidence for different energy policies, and take part in other campaigns via the links below.

Green Party links

Other green energy campaigns

Organisations promoting green energy and energy saving

Where to apply for energy grants

Manufacturers and suppliers of green energy

Anti-nuclear organisations

Reports and references on energy


Green Party links

Green Party of England and Wales

Scottish Green Party

Northern Ireland Green Party

Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

Caroline Lucas MEP

Jean Lambert MEP

Local party campaigns on energy issues:

Gloucestershire Green Party

North Devon Green Party

Lancaster Green Party

Green Party reports:

January 2007
Greenprint for a renewables policy that works
The failing of the government's approach, and how we can do things better with real incentives for renewable energy, by Principal Speaker Sian Berry.

February 2006
The Alternative Energy Report
How we can make big cuts in carbon emissions without nulear power, by Dr David Toke.

December 2005
Small is powerful
Scottish Green Party consultation document on the Micropower Generation Bill, with proposals to boost locally-generated renewable energy in Scotland

October 2005
Keeping the Lights on: Nuclear, Renewables, and Climate Change
The Green Party case against nuclear power, submitted to the Environmental Audic Committee enquiry

September 2005
'So much hot air'
Report by European Greens on the UK's failure to implement EU environment laws

September 2005
Reducing Europe's dependency on oil
The European Green Group's response to oil price rises

February 2005
Turning down the heat
Consultation paper on the Home Energy Efficiency Bill by the Scottish Green Party

September 2004
What a pane!
London Greens reveal half of London's joinery companies will fit illegal windows that waste energy.

June 2004
Smart Energy Europe
Real Progress on climate change

June 2004
Fair on fuel: Fair on the future
A social, economic and environmental case for higher fuel taxes

November 2003
"Whistleblower" background briefing
How Cllr Gina Dowding fell foul of the Local Government Act 2003 - for telling the public how their money was being spent subsidising the nuclear industry

April 2003
The Green Party's alternative energy review 2003
A Green Party briefing on the 2003 Energy Review

April 2003
Green Energy: A guide for local authorities
A Green Party local elections briefing

April 2003
Solar Century
How local authorities can fuel the solar revolution of the 21st century

May 2001
Best of Both Worlds: policies for sustainability AND job creation
Report by Dr Spencer Fitz-Gibbon

Other green energy campaigns

Greenpeace - Choose Clean Energy

Yes2Wind - campaigning for a clean energy future

Friends of the Earth



Organisations promoting green energy and energy saving

Energy Saving Trust

Sustainable Development Commission

One million sustainable homes - WWF

World Council for Renewable Energy

Where to apply for energy grants

Guide to Government and Local Authority grants
Energy Saving Trust

Your local council may have its own grant scheme, find them here:

A-Z of local councils - Directgov


Manufacturers and suppliers of green energy

Power companies with green tariffs


Good Energy

Green Energy UK


Renewable energy technology suppliers & manufacturers

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Leading European manufacturer of heat pumps

Leading manufacturer of ground source heat pumps

Kensa Engineering
Supplier who includes ground arrays and manifolds

Specialist Ground Source Heat Pump Installers and Suppliers

Powergen HeatPlant
A scheme working with social housing organisations

List of Viessmann trained installers of ground source heat pumps

Active Solar Heating

Leading manufacturer of complete solar water heating systems

List of Viessmann trained installers of solar water heating

Solar Photovoltaics


Energy Saving Trust accredited installers


Home wind turbine generators

Anti-nuclear organisations

Low Level Radiation Campaign

No 2 nuclear power

Nuclear Free Local Authorities

No New Nukes

No2Nukes - Ireland

Kent Against a Radioactive Environment

Bradwell for Renewable Energy

Stop Hinkley

Cumbrians Against a Radioactive Environment


Reports and references on energy


The economics of nuclear power: analysis of recent studies
Steve Thomas, Public Services International Research Unit July 2005

Henderson Global Investors: Autumn 2005 report
Contains the article Nuclear power: still 'no thanks'

Official reports

Financial resources for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants
European Parliament

Submissions to Environmental Audit Committee 2005

Green Party

Oxford Research Group

Other resources

Greenpeace UK: Power to the people
Decentralised energy not new nuclear plants

Nuclear Reactor Hazards
Greenpeace International

Is Nuclear Power the answer to Global Warming?

Climate change and nuclear power

Does anybody remember the nuclear winter?
Scientists for Global Responsibility

Uranium supply and the nuclear option
Mobbs Environmental Investigations

Nuclear Power: the Energy Balance
Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen and Philip Smith on the shortage of Uranium

Nuclear power: economics and climate-protection potential
Rocky Mountain Institute

Britain's Energy Future: Securing the ‘Home Front'
Foreign Policy Centre

New Internationalist magazine
Nuclear power issue

Secure Energy: Options for a Safer World
Oxford Research Group

Germany launches its transition to all renewables
Sustainable Business

Nuclear phase-out in Germany

SchNEWS: Nuclear issue

Mirage and Oasis
New Economics Foundation

Nuclear Power:No solution to climate change
Nuclear Information & Resource Service

Nuclear terrorism and nuclear reactors
Union of Concerned Scientists (USA)

Chernobyl Children's Project UK: About Belarus

Why nuclear power is not an achievable and safe answer to climate change
Friends of the Earth

Nuclear Power and Climate Change
Crisis Forum

Is nuclear energy needed?
Green Alliance

Nuclear terrorism: the risks and realities in Britain
Oxford Research Group

Security and nuclear power
Factsheet by the Oxford Research Group

Articles about the pro-nuclear lobby

Sellin' nukes, dissin' wind


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