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It's happening all over the world...

Greens everywhere are proving that clean, green energy is the future.

In the UK today, Green Party members are campaigning for more investment in renewable energy and energy-saving because this would save the most carbon dioxide, start working most rapidly, and create the most new jobs for British workers.

Take part

Help us prove that the people of the UK are far ahead of government thinking on these issues.

Ask for more:

Sign up for green energy and apply for a green grant.
Get all your friends and family to join in and prove that current provision is completely inadequate.

Write to your MP today:

Ask them to vote for Parliamentary Bills supporting our aims for energy saving and renewable energy generation.

Organise a local meeting:

Get out and bring your local community together to discuss how to beat climate change and ensure the lights stay on without choosing the nuclear option.

Make your views known:

Contribute to the numerous polls, web discussions and phone-ins being conducted on this issue.

Green energy working today

Check out the case studies and read about how decentralised renewable energy is already helping homes, businesses and whole neighbourhoods to become more independent and self-sufficient.

Greens in action

Greens across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world are working hard to get green energy projects off the ground and promote energy saving.

Green solutions

Find out how the Green Party would manage the UK's energy supply and at the same time fight climate change, create jobs and save money - all without nuclear power.

Nuclear myths

You may have noticed a lot of pro-nuclear articles in the media lately, trying to convince us that we need more nuclear power 'to help us combat climate change'.

The nuclear industry spin-doctors have been recycling some very old myths, following in the tradition of 'electricity too cheap to meter', this time using climate change to exploit our fears about energy supply in the same way as they did following the oil crisis of the 1970s.

The truth is that nuclear power is still a very bad idea. It would make climate change even worse, have no effect on oil dependence and would increase the risks from terrorism and accidents.

There isn't an unlimited amount of our money to spend, and the more that is spent on nuclear power now, the less will be spent on green solutions that really work.


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