Going Green, lighting your home

How much can you save by switching to a greener solution to lighting your home?

The average number of light bulbs is 20 - 24 per house across the EU according to a think tank at Oxford University (see http://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/energy/). A company called EcoSave has calculated that an average UK household can save a whopping £202.60, If they replace 20 traditional bulbs with Philips next generation LED bulbs.LED bulbs from Philips (£243.12 = 24 bulbs)

There were 26.4 million households in the UK in 2016. If each of these households made the switch to LED bulbs the Nation could save over £5,000,000,000 million per annum or 5 billion pounds,. It is a staggering amount and represents about 6% of the total Government spend on the NHS every year.

If you want to see how much your household or your business could save it is well worth visiting ecosaveledlights.co.uk who have built this app.