Go Green

Keeping to a budget - Going Green Does not have to cost the earth

These days it's possible to buy organic, Fairtrade, and locally produced food at lots of supermarkets and local stores. Youo can install solar panels on your roof or even build your own wind farm. But most of us have to watch the pennies and don't have any choice but to go for the cheapest option at the shops. The main reason why people are turned off from buying products which are better for the planet, or which give producers a better deal, is because they think it will be more expensive.

Installing solar panels is less expensive than you think

In fact, solar panels, organic fruit and veg and other enviromental products can sometimes be the less expensive options. Where food is concerned - as more and more consumers decide to change their shopping habits the price gets lower. And the same goes for lots of other types of products, like Fairtrade coffee and bananas, recycled toilet paper, and eco-friendly washing up liquid. Some are actually cheaper than conventional versions.

Here's an easy way to find out what's cheapest: check the display price (the white label on the shelf). Most big stores and some local stores also give you the price per 100g or per kilogram. Because products all come in different sizes of packaging it can be difficult to compare prices so this can help you see what's actually the cheapest. Watch out though – it's usually printed very small!